Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

How makable are our modules and what does a movician need to play a bridge?

Di Mainstone and David Gauthier lead a two week workshop with 20 MA students at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. The aim was to improve the design of the harp sound-controller and also to explore the role of a movician...

“During week 1 each student was asked to laser cut and make a harp module using the design made in London prototype. They were asked to note the successes and failures of this design, and reiterate with a focus on fab-lab makability, sustainability and usability for both the harp maker and performer”  Di Mainstone

In the second week they  focused on developing harp kits for 3 different users – “The Musician” a professional Human Harp expert, “The Puppet” a dancer who appears to be controlled by the harp, and finally ‘The Prosthetic” a dancer who’s body has become and extension of the instrument.

“The students produced some fascinating work developing a range of harnesses for the bridge player which they tested with our dancer Sarah and they then captured the results of their experiments on film” David Gauthier