New York Creators Project

How do we explain our idea to the world?

Di Mainstone, dancer Hollie Miller and producer Anna Cassidy set off to NYC with just one day to spare until the 130th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. They met with Kathleen Flood and her team at the Creators Project, who filmed an interview with Di in ‘Fred’s apartment’, which had a great view of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

“We planned to demonstrate the Harp on the bridge that day, but realised that the modules were very delicate, presenting physical and technical limitations and were only at a stage where they could be demonstrated with great care in a lab environment” DI MAINSTONE

The team realised that performing on the bridge with full technology and sound would be problematic and agreed to demonstrate the modules for the Creators Project documentary in a controlled studio environment where they could be sure that the Harp would work at its best.

“We decided to use the 130th anniversary performance as an opportunity to see how the harp strings might look in the context of the bridge. We would set up a faux harp that was easy to assemble on the fly, and Hollie would perform without sound. This would give us the freedom to experiment with shape, movement and location, without the concern of power, laptops and speakers.  Creators Project captured our first test of this process at the foot of the bridge.” Hollie Miller