The Humans

Bridging brains to make the Human Harp




New York


Transforming suspension bridges into harps is a giant undertaking and we cannot do it alone. Human Harp are reaching out to creative thinkers, engineers, bridge lovers, musicians, dancers and community members local to suspension bridges to help us explore visionary ways of playing the bridge.

“As well as making music with suspension bridges, Human Harp is about the impact of visionary research on the global community, releasing ideas from dusty laboratories into the world where they can evolve, develop and grow, whilst engaging with the broadest possible audience.

Much of our research is done on bridges working with young people, dancers, scientists and creative thinkers. The rest of our ideas are realised in other people’s spaces (studios, labs, living-rooms, gardens, roofs…) where we can open up our creative process to new and captive audiences.

Each new harp prototype will be showcased at a suspension bridge through either live performance or an artistic film.  All of our process is filmed and made in to documentaries which are released our this website

Our process is open-source, and our goal is to bridge brains, pool ideas, share resources and ultimately create a sonic instrument for suspension bridges that will be intuitive, robust, rich and exhilarating to play as well as watch. Most importantly the Human Harp will belong to all of us”  Di Mainstone