New York Brooklyn Bridge 130th Film

130th Anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge

Di Mainstone spent the 130th anniversary of the Brooklyn bridge filming wit videographer Martin Noboa to capture dancer Hollie Miller exploring the string harp controller on the bridge. The team were assisted by singer Mina Karimi.

“We explored ways of arranging the strings and harp notes in the context of the Brooklyn Bridge. This would also allow us to see how the interface worked as an expressive performance tool and also how the public responded” DI MAINSTONE

After testing the harps on the bridge with our laptop we found it difficult to hear the sound through the speakers, so  we constructed a faux harp using poles and retractable dog leads with magnets on the end of the strings. These enabled the set up different harp formations at different locations on the bridge without physically attaching the device to the bridge.

“The harp looked beautiful intersecting with the steel cables of the bridge across the Manhattan skyline. I felt an intuitive connection to the harp straight away and instantly got lost in exploration of strings and movement” HOLLIE MILLER

Crowds on the bridge appeared to see the connection between the cables and the harp, even though there was no sound at this time. The spectacle drew sizable crowds, including a bride, groom and wedding party!

“Afterwards we used this footage to reverse engineer the sound-interaction of our bridge instrument. Sound designer Adam Stark and I, used Hollie’s movement as inspiration for the sounds that we lay on 1minute concept trailer. For example, when Hollie pulled the strings down, the pitch would deepen and when she pulled them skyward it would rise.” DI MAINSTONE